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Innovative slim linear connecting system, a perfect combination between tracks and LED fixtures. Its uniquely designed spot, panel and downlight modules are available for multi-task lighting requirements to the area. Emphasizing on characteristics and rapid installation of the fixtures, it also creates a simple and clean appearance.

The Construct line offers flexible lighting solutions across all specifications to meet various demands. With surface, pendant, and recessed mounting options, this lighting system allows for specific customization, from residential art galleries, kitchens, foyers and offices to commercial / industrial applications of reception areas, boardrooms, retail stores and more.

Below is our collection of fixtures available within this family. Product specs, our Family product brochure and asset pack are all available for download. Products with additional sizes can be seen by using the left and right arrows on select images. If you need further assistance with this product, we are available by email and through our sales reps, which you will find links to at the base of this page.

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